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Opalized Seashell Ring | Size 8

Opalized Seashell Ring | Size 8

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About the piece:
This ring features a beautiful opalized seashell from Australia which was cut locally on Cape Cod by lapidary artist Bruce London. Australia's opal mining areas were once an inland sea. Many fossils are found in these ancient beds, including opalized sea shells. A shell gets buried in the sand. The organic matter decays, leaving a shell-shaped void in the sand. The void fills with sand-bearing water that solidifies over time to become precious opal. Since shells have a natural curvature, and since opal usually forms in thin layers, it is often the case that the lowest portions of the shell fossil have color, while higher portions are without color. As a result, full-color shells and shell fragments are rare. This is a really special opal! 

-Australian opal doublet (because this opal is curved naturally is has been given a solid backing allowing it to be bezel set
-The opal and setting measure approximately 3/4" wide x 1/2" tall
-Sterling silver band is 3/16" wide 
-Size 8

This ring is ready to ship and will ship within 1-3 business days.

This ring cannot be resized. 

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