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Sea Scallop Pearl Helm Necklace | 14k Gold

Sea Scallop Pearl Helm Necklace | 14k Gold

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The pearls featured in this collection are from Atlantic Sea Scallops and were collected off the coast of Chatham, Cape Cod, on a commercial scallop boat. Besides being special because of where they came from I love that the pearls glimmer in the light, this is because they exhibit what is called aventurescence – a type of reflection from tiny planes of color that twinkle beneath the Pearl’s surface as the light hits it from different angles. It is hard to capture these pearls beauty in a photograph, but in person they are truly stunning! 

Crafted in solid 14k gold
Featuring a single sea scallop pearl with gold balls reminiscent of a ships helm. 
Pendant measures 9.8mm wide x 13.4mm tall including bail
Hangs on an 18" 14k gold chain

This necklace is one of a kind and ready to ship.

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