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Pipe Crystal Opal Necklace

Pipe Crystal Opal Necklace

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About the piece:
This Australian pipe opal is jaw dropping! The purple glow that radiates from it is only accentuated more by the 14k gold setting. This opal was formed when hydrated silica replaced rounded organic matter of tree roots in sandstone. There is so much depth within the stone, it is really unique! The opal was hand cut by Far North Gems in Australia. 

-Pipe Crystal Opal mined in Queensland, Australia
-Opal is set in 14k gold with a sterling silver backing
-Opal weighs 7.45cts
-The opal and setting measure approximately 13mm wide x 19mm tall
-Hangs on an 18" 14k gold paper clip style chain

This necklace is ready to ship and will ship within 1-3 business days.

If you would prefer a different chain length please contact me prior to ordering. 

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