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Little Sunburst Nauset Beach Stone Necklace

Little Sunburst Nauset Beach Stone Necklace

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About the piece:
This necklace features a beach stone that I collected just down the road from my studio at Nauset Beach in East Orleans on Cape Cod.  The stone has been given a high polish in a 4 step tumbling process that takes just about a month to complete. If you are a collector of beach stones you know how beautiful they look when they are wet, but as they dry the colors become dull. By polishing the stones they have that "just pulled out of the water look" and the details really shine.  Most of my beach stone necklaces also feature a cutout on the backside so the wearer can touch both sides of the stone which I find is very soothing and acts almost like a worry stone. 

-Handcrafted from sterling silver and a fine silver setting
-Measures approximately 5/8" tall x 3/4" wide
-The backside of the piece features a cutout
-Hangs on a 16" sterling silver chain

This necklace is ready to ship and will ship within 1-3 business days.

If you would prefer a different chain length please contact me prior to ordering at 

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