My Story

 Growing up, and still residing, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts I am constantly surrounded by inspiration. From the driftwood scattered on the shore to the seaweed floating gracefully in the bay to the patterns in the sand created by the outgoing tides, the textures of the natural world in my every day life inspire my work. In my designs I often use stones with earth tones but I also am drawn to bright and colorful stones like aquamarine, amethyst and opals to name a few. I love creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry and the hunt for the perfect stones is one of my favorite parts of designing a piece. My designs are primarily hand fabricated with some pieces cast from hand carved wax designs.

I took my first metalsmithing class almost two decades ago and have always had a love for creating. Even as a young child I was creating jewelry from fused glass and beads in my mothers studio. It wasn't until my early high school years that I truly fell in love with metalsmithing and jewelry design. I was fortunate to attend a high school with a metals program along with a wide variety of arts classes and I spent as much time as possible in the jewelry studio there. At that young age I earned various awards for my designs and portfolio. After high school I attended a few different art school including MassArt, UMass Dartmouth and The SMFA in Boston, taking core art classes, jewelry classes and graphic design, during which I continued to keep a small home studio on Cape Cod. In 2012 I traveled across the country to San Francisco and received a diploma from The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. There I was able to hone and learn new skills as well as learn more about the jewelry industry. It was then that I launched my namesake line, Molly Avellar Jewelry.

In 2015, after years of selling online, participating in local craft shows and fairs, as well as being sold in a handful of local shops, I teamed up with my mother and opened a brick and mortar shop in East Orleans, MA called Adorn.  At Adorn we feature a unique and curated collection of handcrafted jewelry, local fine art, gifts, home décor, textiles, ceramics, accessories, house plants, and so much more. My studio resides inside the shop and customers can browse my full collection as well as take a peek into my studio and see what I am working on.
When I am not in my studio or helping my mother run our shop you can find me adventuring around Cape Cod and enjoying this beautiful place I call home. Whether I am fishing and boating with my boyfriend or going on trail walks with my dog, Nala, I love being outdoors.