Tidal Flats Collection

I have always been drawn to tidal flats here on Cape Cod. The ever changing ripple patterns that come and go with the tides.  Some of my earliest memories as a child are exploring the tidal flats for hours on end, looking for sea creatures and playing in the incoming tide.  Even now I still explore the flats with my Dog, Nala.  I love how different the patterns of the tidal flats are from tide to tide and how they vary on calm days and on stormier ones. Even though the patterns in the sand may be different on any given day you know they will always emerge as the tide recedes. When I think of favorite Cape Cod memories, from days at Skaket Beach and endless sunsets watched over the bay, the tidal flats stand out to me as something many of us can connect to and have inspired me to create my Tidal Flats Collection.