Sea Scallop Pearl Collection

The Pearls in this collection formed in the bodies of Atlantic Sea Scallops.  They were collected by my boyfriend and his crew mates off of Chatham, Massachusetts, while they were commercial Sea Scalloping.  Often scallopers do not find pearls as they are formed in the gut or on the shell of the scallop which are both discarded when the meat of the scallop is cut out in a very quick process. This makes the sea scallop pearls quite rare and special. However, sometimes they do find pearls and I am grateful they save them for me! The pearls are what are termed non-nacreous, as they are formed of calcium carbonate, without any of the attendant luster that stems from the typical nacre or pearly layered buildup that is seen on typical Pearls.  One thing I love about these pearls is they glimmer in the light, this is because they exhibit what is called aventurescence – a type of reflection from tiny planes of color that twinkle beneath the Pearl’s surface as the light hits it from different angles. It is hard to capture these pearls beauty in a photograph, but in person they are truly stunning! 

-I create collections of Sea Scallop Pearl Jewelry periodically throughout the year. check back for updates on my next release.